DEFCAD Newsletter - Welcome to the DEFCAD Newsletter

July 27, 2021

Welcome to the inaugural issue of the DEFCAD newsletter. This regular sendout will keep you up to date on the best 3D-printed firearms releases.

Recent major releases include two projects from AWCY: the Mac DB9, an aesthetic pistol built around a M11 upper, and the long-awaited Thump N' Grind modular 37mm launcher. Also of note is the TMS-94 from Gatalog, a printable frame for the FNH FNS-9 or FNS-40 pistols.

These files and many more can be found today at DEFCAD.

New Files

Mac DB9
Thump N' Grind
DD17.2 Checker Stipple
AMPoly Mag Carriers
'Everytown' .22LR Mag


Top Files

Sczorpion Evo
Logsleeve's SVTR
3FTech VFG Series
CSGCG Printable FGC
Menendez Magazine


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