Invitation to DEFCAD

January 16, 2021

In the last 24 hours, this new year’s wave of de-platforming and censorship reached DIY gunmaking. The loss of Keybase is a blow meant to disrupt this community’s coordination and growth.

We invite all designers to bring their projects to DEFCAD.

At DEFCAD we’ve been developing according to assumptions of mass censorship and legal attacks. Just last week we released updates for the organization and presentation of the wider community's designs. Among these updates are a new entity categorization system, the ability to upload mods to other files, a prerelease designation for beta projects, and a new versioning system.

This release also includes our Patron Update, which allows all creator partners to begin accepting monthly USD subscription income from their most loyal supporters. 

In this political moment, a public portfolio at DEFCAD can become the most visible means for negating the censor and attracting support. We will welcome and legally defend all files, from the newest weapons systems to simple blueprints and mods.

If your work is set to disappear in two weeks, we ask that you preserve it with us in the spirit of defiance at DEFCAD.

Ghost Gunner 3s, GG3s, True Desktop CNC, by Defense Distributed Ghost Gunner 3s, GG3s, True Desktop CNC, by Defense Distributed

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