DEFCAD Newsletter - JSD Invitational 2022 Roundup

November 22, 2022

Welcome back to the DEFCAD newsletter! In this issue we round up the submissions from the recently-concluded JSD Invitational 2022 competition.

This competition was the first of its kind: a tournament in which 16 different guncad designers submitted 16 different printable Glock 19 frames and went head to head to determine which frame the guncad community liked the best! In the end there could only be one winner, but all the submissions were published for the guncad community to print as they saw fit. 

We’d like to thank JSD Supply for sponsoring and hosting this competition, and we look forward to seeing many more like it! Now, on to the review.

The Top Four

First up are the four frames that made it to the finals semifinals. The overall winner, iprintshit, designed the Paragon-9, whose unique aesthetics carried the day! Krrawn, who took second place, designed two versions of the Fafnir (a G19 and a G19X). Semifinalists AA13 and PrintBunny3D both offered classy designs of their own as well. All of the top four had a combination of fantastic designs, fantastic painting and fantastic photography that brought them to the top!

The Quarterfinalists

The quarterfinalists all advanced past the first round but lost in the second. Of particular note here is KM3D’s entry whose aesthetic match to the Patmos slide and printed hammer backplate gained much commentary, and MiddletonMade’s Schnitzel which it appears to me has been printed more than any other of the entry frames, despite not winning. Congratulations to all quarterfinalists!

All Other Competitors

Finally we have the remaining eight competitors. From this group I’d particularly like to point out Vityaz’ entry which is certainly the most unique, using a Suomi drum to feed the firearm! This entry was respectfully disqualified for requiring modification of the Glock parts kit; had this not happened it likely would have advanced much further. I’d also like to highlight Mr. Snow’s entry, which is the only entry to include a nuggie sidecar, and Phil Phisher’s entry, which is styled as a PDW with both an “ultra-extended wristguard / beavertail” and a spare mag holder. These frames are just as worthy of your review as the winners, so go check them out!

The votes for this competition were held on Twitter and were tallied / announced on several different livestreams. Videos of the streams can all be found in this playlist; in particular, Out of Battery held a stream for each round, which can be found here: Round 1, Round 2, Semifinals, Finals.

Competitions such as this are of great benefit to guncad. They are a fun way to bring attention to the community, and they help generate a large number of designs. Thanks again to JSD Supply for hosting this, and we look forward to further competitions of this nature from them and others!

Ghost Gunner 3s, GG3s, True Desktop CNC, by Defense Distributed Ghost Gunner 3s, GG3s, True Desktop CNC, by Defense Distributed

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