DEFCAD Newsletter - Printable PDWs and Ronis

August 26, 2022

Welcome to another special issue of the DEFCAD newsletter! This issue focuses on the many printable PDW and RONI designs produced by the guncad community.

If you aren't familiar with these sorts of designs, the best way to describe them is a handgun with features that handguns don't normally have, including braces, foregrips, extra accessory rails and more.

In general the term "PDW" is used to describe a design that replaces the frame of a handgun with a PDW version, while "RONI" or "handgun chassis" is used to describe a chassis in which you can mount an unmodified handgun. In either case, this produces a carbine-esque firearm with an improved shooting experience. 

If this idea interests you, check out the many printable designs below!

DigitalNimbus' Invader Series

Starting off we have what are by far the most popular printable PDWs available today: DigitalNimbus' Invader designs! Available for both the G17 and G19, these PDWs introduce a collapsible brace, foregrip / magazine holder and raised accessory rail to support an optic.

The Invader G17 in particular has achieved popularity sufficient to solicit remixes, including one by highly proficient stipple artist ChairmanWon. This remix is included in the G17 release package. Support the developer and purchase hardware kits for these designs at the DigitalNimbus store!

MiddletonMade Hot Pocket

For those who don't want to modify their handgun and would instead prefer to simply mount their gun in a chassis, look no further than the MiddletonMade Hot Pocket! This chassis design allows you to stabilize your handgun with a folding brace, and also introduces two accessory rails and a convenient cocking handle.

Described as universal, this chassis should fit any handgun with a picatinny rail under the barrel. This is by far the most popular printable chassis at time of writing!

Megapistol 17 - MP7 / G17 PDW

The long-awaited MP17 from 1Plus2 has finally arrived! Fresh out of a very long beta, the Megapistol 17 is a G17-based PDW meant to invoke the aesthetics of the famous MP7. It is highly customizable and comes with several versions of just about every major part, including uppers, braces, foregrips and more.

It should be noted that, at time of time of writing, certain accessories for this design are still being fine-tuned, but a full build of the core design utilizing an AR-charging upper is possible. Check out the first release version today and keep an eye out for subsequent updates!

PDWs from Sloth2A and SpaceBoundTactical

Not to be overlooked, these PDW designs flew under the radar when first released but are certainly worth your consideration. The SlothPDW is the only PDW designed for the G34 on this list, introducing both a collapsible brace and forward magazine carrier to this design..

The SpaceBoundPDW is a PDW version of the Glock 17. Unlike other PDWs this design does not feature a brace, instead only including a forward grip for maximum concealability. Both designs come with standard documentation and BOMs, and are ready for you to check out and build!

Mussy PDWs and RONIs

Last but not least, we will close out this issue with a staggering collection of PDWs and RONIs from the extremely prolific Mussy! These designs come in all shapes in sizes and are generally designed to accept any polymer handgun with a picatinny rail.

Most of these designs introduce a brace and foregrip, and some include other cool features like ambidextrous charging handles or cuts for compensators. Almost all come with several alternate designs for individual parts as well!

With so many options available, there is certainly a PDW or RONI design perfect for your needs. Furthermore, given the rate of guncad development, expect to see several more designs in this field created in the near future! There is no shortage of interesting topics to focus on, so make sure to keep an eye on future newsletters for more deep dives like this one. Until then, remember that you can find all of these and many other designs on DEFCAD.

Ghost Gunner 3s, GG3s, True Desktop CNC, by Defense Distributed Ghost Gunner 3s, GG3s, True Desktop CNC, by Defense Distributed

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