DEFCAD Newsletter - .22s, NVGs and Stipples

September 07, 2021

Welcome to the fourth issue of the DEFCAD newsletter. This regular sendout continues to keep you informed of the newest 3D-printed guns from across the several communities.

Our last two issues focused on the cataloging of the Shuty line, and during that time several major new files were released. Notable among these these are two .22 caliber firearm designs - AWCY’s ScARpion-22 and FFFTech’s L-X22. The ScARpion-22 is a Scorpion EVO-styled AR-22 chassis, allowing you to finally build an EVO styled gun with a bolt you can actually find in stock; the LX-22 series offers both receivers and chassis for the venerable 10/22 platform.

Also of note in recent releases is The_Gun_Foogle’s Bootleg Panoramic NVG, which provides instructions on how to affordably build your own NVG system. Along with a list of consumer parts, this project provides a printable housing and mounting system, and instructions on how to configure the project in several different ways.

Finally, we are pleased to note the release of Black Lotus’ long awaited Glock 17.2 / 19.2 remixes, each of which provides interesting and attractive stippling designs to the base Glock frame platforms.

These files and many more can be found today at DEFCAD.


New Files

L-X22 Receivers
L-X22 Chassis
Bootleg NVG
FMDA 19.2 Texas Stipple
FMDA 17.2 Rose Stipple


Top Files

MOD-9 v3
Thump n' Grind
U-Bolt Vanguard
3FTech VFG
Mac Daddy
MOD-9 v2

Ghost Gunner 3s, GG3s, True Desktop CNC, by Defense Distributed Ghost Gunner 3s, GG3s, True Desktop CNC, by Defense Distributed

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