DEFCAD Newsletter - New in Guncad Pt 2: Pump Action AR, Double Barrel AR, Chonky Lowers

October 04, 2022

This newsletter is Part 2 of a two-part email detailing the newest releases in guncad. You can view Part 1 here! In the time since Part 1 was released, even more new designs have come out, and we eagerly review them in the newsletter below - read on!

As before we would like to begin by sharing a coupon code sent to us by Laffs Dynamics on behalf of They would like to announce their newest promotion: golden laser-engraved magazines celebrating Dia de los Muertos! Use code LAFFS to get 10% off these or any other mags in their store.

Bolt / Pump Action AR: Monarch and Apple Pie Double Release!

The latest innovation in guncad is a big one! All summer developers have been working on a hybrid intermediate caliber AR design that would utilize DIY upper technology, and the first releases have arrived in this dual release from developers SwarmTech, MiddletonMade and 3D Arms! Both the Monarch and the Apple Pie rifles are multicaliber (supporting 5.56, 7.62x39 and more) and both utilize a repeater design: the Apple Pie is pump-action, and the Monarch can be configured as either pump action or straight-pull bolt action. Read more.

There are two major innovations that these firearms exhibit: first, the DIY upper and second, a multicaliber design. DIY uppers have been demonstrated earlier in the pistol-caliber ARK and the semiautomatic Biden’s Bane, and these releases somewhat combines those designs: like the Biden’s Bane they are intermediate caliber, but like the ARK they are a repeater design instead of semiautomatic. The repeater design likely means that these releases will have greater durability, and are perhaps more suited to marksman-style applications.

As with all AWCY releases, the Monarch comes with many accessories, including a DIY precision stock and multiple handguard designs. The Apple Pie also has several alternate parts. Download, configure and start building yours today!

Double Barrel AR and Accessories from Stubbs

Have you ever wanted to glue two AR-15s together? And if so, would you like to fire it using a spade grip? Now you can with this recent release from Stubbs! This designer is a master of all things weird and wonderful - he has also recently released an AR-15 chainsaw grip (!) and a module to convert a commercial can cannon upper into a shoulder fired bullpup design. 

The double-barrel “bolt together” AR is achieved through simply doubling up a lower and creating linkages between the controls as needed. Two uppers and two magazines are placed into the assembly, and away you go. While the base model maintains the standard shoulder-fired design, adding the DSMG (direct mount spade grip) converts into something more like a mounted / emplaced weapon. Note that the DSMG can be configured in both separate and dual trigger modes!

Stubbs (who goes by The_Gun_Foogle on DEFCAD) is a designer whose work deserves more attention. What is remarkable about his work is how imaginative it is - while there is nothing wrong with making a slightly tweaked grip or stock design, Stubbs goes far beyond this and his parts and accessories are truly novel. In addition to those listed above, he also designed one of the first (very expedient) DIY AR-15 uppers and one of the most popular models of DIY NVG!

Chonky Lowers from senorElMeowMeow

A new AR-15 lower has dropped - actually, two new lowers, both from senorElMeowMeow / Mr. Chonkers! These “chonky boi” lowers are based on the developer’s observations of other lowers currently released and it incorporates many of the features seen there into a single package. Both a milspec upper version and a BCA side-charging upper version are available!

We’ve been observing the development of these lowers for quite a long time, and so it is exciting to finally see them release. While there are many other lowers currently out there, there is always room for improvement, and Mr. Chonkers seems to have introduced some interesting features - download them today and check them out!

Danny’s Adjustable Stock

Printable accessories continue to be a fantastic way to get into guncad, and the newest cool accessory is an adjustable stock from DannyMeatball! This design allows for six different adjustment positions and comes with a folding variant. This is not a buffered design and so it is to be used with bufferless firearms, like the Sczorpion EVO or DS1913!

King Cobra 9 Release Package Update

We close this newsletter with an update, likely the final one, to the King Cobra 9. Derwood has added a last-round bolt hold open mod, which works with a metal part purchasable from; this update also contains new STLs to allow the use of an AR-9 barrel instead of the standard Glock barrel. This will allow you to build a rifle-style KC9 without the use of a rare 16” Glock barrel! The KC9 remains our favorite Shuty design to date, and we are proud to host this update to its design.

Perceptive readers will note that this newsletter is a week late - we apologize for the delay! In truth, new designs continue to quickly drop and our next issue will likely extend this double issue into a triple update on “what’s new in guncad!” Stay tuned for the this next newsletter, and remember that you can always see the latest releases and much more at DEFCAD.

Ghost Gunner 3s, GG3s, True Desktop CNC, by Defense Distributed Ghost Gunner 3s, GG3s, True Desktop CNC, by Defense Distributed

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